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Old Home Week History - It Happened in 1925!

Where it all began – Smiths Falls  Old Home Week

1925 Smiths Falls Old Home Week downtown Parade

Smiths Falls inaugural Old Home Week parade 1925

Published August 1925

“Over ten thousand invitations were sent out to old Smiths Falls residents. Letters in reply were received from all parts of Canada, The United States and England.  The town did its part by sprucing up with fresh paint, flags, lanterns, etc. and by covering its dirt roads with asphalt.

Old Home Week 1925 started off with a bang on Monday morning, August 3.  The “Old Timers” had been pouring in over the weekend and the first night saw them gathering in a Ring around Rosy circle in front of the Rideau Hotel to renew old friendships.”

1925 Day by Day OHW Programme

The 1950 Smiths Falls Old Home Week program
Smiths Fall Old Home Week 1925 official program cover

To view the entire line-up for the 1925 Smiths Falls Old Home Week Events programme click one ofthe above images to download a PDF

1925 Program – courtesy of the Heritage House Museum – Smiths Falls.

Events of Smiths Falls Old Home Week 1925

In 1925, the residents of Smiths Falls were anxious to pay homage to their ancestry and reacquaint themselves with some neighbours who had left the area. In an effort to celebrate with as many of the town’s residents, past and present, the first Old Home Week was organized and was a smashing success.

Following are excerpts from the local newspaper reporting on the various events of the inaugural “Old Home Week.”

President Smith and Secretary McKimm are everywhere and are two of the busiest citizens this week. They cannot be found when required. They have a wonderful organization behind them, and the program is being carried out with an endeavor to have everything on time. The blowing of whistles and ringing of bells from 8 to 9 o’clock Monday morning for the official opening of Old Home Week started off as the town clock stuck the last stroke of eight. And what a clamor and noise!

The nightshirt parade last night proved far beyond expectations. It was as a small boy would say “a howling success”. Your friends were all there.

One of the counter-attractions of the week is the “Midway, which occupies a most central position. It is doing a flourishing business and it was said at the close of the first couple of days that their success was far beyond expectations. Every attraction is a drawing card for young and old. Someone said, “Just like Dominion Park, Montreal,

“Happyland,” Fairyland” “More like Chicago every day”, are the expressions heard on Beckwith Street every hour. The town never looked more beautiful and the crowd is a record one. Smiths Falls is “making history” this week.

Everyone will remember the Pageant ­it was indeed a highlight of the week and is still one of the best remembered features of the 1925 Old Home Week. Over 500 Smiths Falls residents participated including all town council.

The floats of the C.P. R. were the most talked of features of the Monster Callithumpian Parades. This marvellous exhibit consisted of a miniature train of engine, freight car, passenger coach and caboose, and a replica of a C.P.R. Passenger Steamship.

1925 Boat Victoria providing Rideau River Cruises

The cruises through the Rideau Lakes on the Steamer Victoria were indeed a highlight of Old Home WEek, 1925, and were thoroughly enjoyed by all visitors who crowded the old steamer for the trips.

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