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The second act – Smiths Falls  Old Home Week

1950 Smiths Falls Old Home Week Citizens Band

One of the busiest organizations during Smiths Falls 1950 Old Home Week the Smiths Falls Citizens Band.

As published in 1950:

The Smiths Falls Citizens Band poses for its first group picture of Old Hme Week 1950. From left, front row: Harold Hill, Dick Perkins, Mervyn Hunter, Dick Donaldson, Murray Griffith, Lyle Sterns, Don Stanzel, Vince Gallipeau, Douglas Rain, Raymond Griffith, Bruce Rummery, J. Fotheringham, Beverly Bridgen. Second Row: Grenville Gauthier, Allan Gauthier, Arnold Gauthier, Donald Gauthier, Dennis Cullen, Douglas Thompson, Harry Dixon, D.A. Greenlaw (bandmaster), Jim Canning, Jack Mandeville, Paul Davidson, Ed Truelove, Nick Stranges, Alice Griffith. Third Row: Marilyn Begley, Lee Ann Smith, Helen Ritchie, Bill Gulley, Jim Vinall, Bobby Barnett, Ken Brown, Don Gemmell, Grant Hall, Jack Hill, Frank Allen, Mac Angus, Marguerite Fountain, James Slack (Jr.) Harold Gauthier, Jacqueline Milliken, Donna Kimberley. Forth Row: James Slack, Mrs. Arnold Cavanaugh, Donald Fitzgerald, Donald Smith, (Jr.), Richard Cordick, Bob Cavanaugh, Graham Hanson, Pat Rummery, Barbara Slack, Mrs. Gerald Mayhew, H.E. Smith. Back Row: W.S. Jamieson, George Phillips (Jr.), J.A. Wood, Donald Mayhew, Robert Flynn. Absent when picture was taken were Gordon Durant, Stan Neil, Fred Fairfield, Harry Hagan and Alvin Bruce. Those not in uniform are members of the band committee. Mr Wood is chairman.
(Photo by Beaux Arts Studio)

1950 Day by Day OHW Programme

The 1950 Smiths Falls Old Home Week program

To view the entire line-up for the 1950 Smiths Falls Old Home Week Events programme click the above image to download a PDF

Events of Smiths Falls Old Home Week 1950

From near and far, Smiths Falls second Old Home Week drew its sons and daughters back to the hometown.  Thousands of exiles had arrived in holiday mood by Friday, June 30th, registration day.  The town was gay with coloured lights and red, white and blue pennants, crisscrossing Beckwith Street. The midway had arrived which further heightened the carnival spirit.

Our sleeping citizens were startled early Saturday morning by the din made by blowing whistles, ringing bells and tooting horns.  The Legion Pipe Band paraded through the town to the above accompaniment.  The Firemen’s Frolic followed later with more than 300 firemen from Eastern Ontario and New York State taking part in the celebration.  Smiths Falls Royals (baseball team) played the Brockville Memos before a large crowd in the afternoon.

The nine days of events for Old Home Week 1950

  • Friday June 30th, 1950 – Registration and Historical Day
  • Saturday June 1st, 1950 – Dominion Day and Fire Fighters Day
  • Sunday July 2nd, 1950 –  Veterans and Decoration Day
  • Monday July 3rd, 1950 – Industries Day and Lanark County Day
  • Tuesday July 4th, 1950 – American Day
  • Wednesday July 5th, 1950 – Perth Day
  • Thursday July 6th, 1950 – Carleton Place and Almonte Day
  • Friday July 7th, 1950 – Brockville, Leeds and Grenville Day
  • Saturday July 8th, 1950 – Railroaders Day

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