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Smiths Falls Old Home Week is rich in history!

Published August 1925

“Over ten thousand invitations were sent out to old Smiths Falls residents. Letters in reply were received from all parts of Canada, The United States and England.  The town did its part by sprucing up with fresh paint, flags, lanterns, etc. and by covering its dirt roads with asphalt.

Old Home Week 1925 started off with a bang on Monday morning, August 3.  The “Old Timers” had been pouring in over the weekend and the first night saw them gathering in a Ring around Rosy circle in front of the Rideau Hotel to renew old friendships.”

Making history again…

2000 OHW

5 man electrical band played during 2000 Old Home Week

The most recent Old Home Week of 2000 surpassed all expectations, delivering an extraordinary and unforgettable week-long event. Smiths Falls welcomed back thousands of enthusiastic individuals eager to partake in the town’s fourth annual celebration.

and again…

1976 OHW

1976 Smiths Falls Old Home Week Night Shirt Parade

Old Home Week 1976 did not disapoint and was once again well attended by near and a far, truly a celebration for the books.  From a promotional 150 mile walk to the famous but extremely silly Nightshirt Parade we again made history.

and again…

1950 OHW

5 man electrical band played during 2000 Old Home Week

In 1950, we once again rose to the challenge of creating an unforgettable event, just like we did back in 1925. Old Home Week 1950 brought together the residents of Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, who came to celebrate their roots and history. 

Making history…

1925 OHW

Victoria River Cruises 1925 Smiths Falls

Nothing was left undone for former Smiths Falls residents during the inaugural Old Home Week of 1925. This first Old Home Week featured cruises through the Rideau Lakes aboard the magnificent Steamer Victoria. In addition multiple parades, dances the a historical pageant, where over 500 local individuals participated. 

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